The Mind of a Psychopath

I’m going to state right now, yes I posted a gore video, yes It’s quite explicit, and I’v been asked to remove it by numerous people who have been long time friends.
I’d like to help those better understand why it is that I would gather much interest in a video of the such.I’v always been interested in the human mind, how it works, what makes people tick. This is one more adventure for me into the human mind, and to see how someone could be so fucked in the head. I don’t know if very many people remember it, but Bvork had a stalker quite a while back, he made a vlog that went on for hours, and then in the end he finally shot himself.
I watched with interest as he slowly decayed, it was like he was giving everyone a look into his own mind, its almost as if you could see his thoughts in front of him.
Its crazy how some people thing so far in the box about something that upsets them, that they just lose themselves in it. They get so caught up in their emotion that it takes them over.
They start decaying from the inside out, until eventually they just lose it, it destroys them, and they destroy themselves.
Eventually, they just burst, and all sight of what life truely is, is lost.
What usually ends up happening is suicidal/homicidal thoughts, and when they lose control of themselves they start acting on impulse to carry out them thoughts.
Sometimes killers like to take a trophy, whether it’s a body part from the victem, or an item, or even a video, they usually take something.
Maybe this is so they can wake up tomorrow morning and not have to wonder if it was just a horrible nightmare, or maybe the best wet dream they ever had. Regardless, they need something to remind them of the horrible thing that they have just done.
In Luka’s case, he was interested in fame, not only does he want this remember, but he wants everybody to know of what he’s done to this poor soul, he wants the whole world to see this tragety.
Luka seems to have a strong need to do something to gain popularity, and this is his latest attempt.
If you look back at some of the previous video’s he has done, we really should have seen this coming.
Luka in the past had killed kittens, video taping it and posting it up online for everyone to see. If the man could kill a kitten so cold and heartlessly, then of course he could & would do something like in the video posted here.
It is still unsure amongst everyone if it was really Luka that did it, but most certainly this video will be the evidence against him, and its fairly accurate to say who better than the people of the internet to identify the killer in the video.
The police have a good idea that it was him, and are on the hunt for him right now, as he has yet to be tracked down.
Some speculate that he has made it over to Europe, others speculate that he is in Ohio right now and that friends are trying to get him over to Mexico. Personally, I don’t think he would be dumb enough to follow his previous blog post word for word, as that would make him fairly easy to hunt down.
We’ll see where this all ends, until then, we’ll simply watch and wait.

Yours Truely, ~xnite~

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