The #Anonymous Sheep

In my opinion, Anonymous has no mind of it’s own, they are just a bunch of sheep following other sheep.This is why. :P

Even though Anonymous claims that they have no leadership, they really kind of do, it’s a popularity contest of who has more followers (not like Twitter followers, but people who agree and back them up). I really shouldn’t have to explain this one, but I will.
Barret Brown, Sabu, Topiary,  Commander X, all figureheads of Anonymous. These people were leaders in their own way, without the sheep even realizing it. These people could fire off an order, and Anonymous would be their personal army with little to no thought.
Anonymous needs to realize they are not one person, they are not one entity, anonymous is full of individuals with their own thoughts & their own emotions. Yet Anonymous, like sheep, just follow orders without thinking of the reasons why, without making these choices for themselves.
Commander X himself had admitted that he used LOIC net’s to dDoS websites that were personal targets of his, without ever having alerted the people who’s machines were in use for those attacks. He used machines that did not belong to him, yet were volunteered to him, to attack not only a financial entity that they were aware of, but at least 2 government entities that nobody was made aware of. That took them from knowingly comitting 1 felony, to 3 felonies. I have already of course covered Commander X in the past, and you can listen to the proof of my allegations in the radio recording in my previous post, this information is gathered from his own confessions.

My point in this post is not to pick and talk about any single individual, but to point out as a whole, anonymous is nothing but sheep following whoever is winning the popularity contest at the time. Whether it be Barrett Brown, Topiary, it doesn’t matter, they follow somebody at any given time and make that person their leader.

Why Anonymous is Corrupt w/ Terrorism in the Mix
Because of the fact that Anonymous follows popularity contests to decide on who will lead them, and who’s ideas they will follow, we see potential for Government and Corperate infiltration.
We have all heard the story of Comrade on EFNet I’m sure, where he was unwittingly recruited into helping Al Queda out in their plans to execute the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America. Who is to say that a terrorist organization would not be able to infiltrate anonymous by using large numbers of contacts & sock accounts to sway public opinion of an individual inside of their plot. Who is to say that this has not already been done and terrorists organizations have called for AntiSec to hack Governments only to steal their data and use it against us when we least expect it?
I would say that Anonymous blindly following anyone who seems to be more popular at the time can ONLY lead to disaster & terrorist infiltration!

Anonymous does not need to ddos, Anonymous does not need to hack, Anonymous would be much more powerful using their words to sway public opinion, and show themselves as individuals instead of a group that is meant to put fear into the hearts of most people, aka terrorize.

I’ll leave my argument at that and let, you, my readers throw your own opinions into the comments section below!

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